Chiropractic Care Chesterfield Missouri 

Your spinal column is comprised of twenty-four independent vertebrae that allow you to twist and bend in response to your body’s motions. P.R.I.M.E. Health Centers provide an array of chiropractic therapies for patients in Chesterfield, Florissant and St. Louis to treat a wide variety of health concerns. Applying a hands-on approach to pain relief, our chiropractic care services assist your body’s natural healing powers as a more thorough treatment of issues affecting your neuromuscular skeletal system. We all spend too much time bending forward and looking down, which puts undue stresses on the spine and speeds the degenerative process. Our goal is to provide the chiropractic care to help you get back to doing the things you love doing by eliminating painful conditions and restoring your true range of motion.

Types Of Adjustments: 

  • Hands On Adjusting
  • Instrument Adjusting
  • Y-Strap Adjustment
  • Flexion Distraction


Chronic neck and back pain can be caused by numerous factors from trauma to poor conditioning of muscles or an excessive build up of scar tissue. When coupled with the effects of aging or the onset of arthritis, inflamed soft tissues can lead to unwanted aches and pains. As chronic pain impedes your daily activities, your body becomes de-conditioned, muscles atrophy to various degrees, and supporting ligaments weaken resulting in an additional loss of vital physical function. These degenerative conditions occur to some degree in everyone as they age but can suddenly appear as stiffness and unbearable pain to facet joints, the neck and shoulders as well as the lower back. To further complicate matters, low back pain is notorious for interfering with your ability to get a good night’s rest.

Non-Invasive, Drug-Free Pain Relief

Degenerative processes, sports injuries and repetitive motions are often responsible for the pain and discomfort you feel in your neck, back, arms, hips and legs. Chiropractic care at P.R.I.M.E. Health Centers is helping more and more people in your community to reduce the pain that comes from disc bulges, herniations, degenerative spine disease, facet joint syndrome, and unrelenting bouts with sciatica. Our team of chiropractic physicians have worked with the St. Louis Rams, Gateway P.G.A., Missouri Baptist University, Major League Baseball, U.S.A. Track and Field, Lindenwood University, University of Missouri Football, Go! St. Louis and much more. To find out what your body is telling you, call 636-735-3577 for a Same Day Appointment.