Hip Pain Relief Treatment Chesterfielf MO

Your hips are the most load bearing joints in the body and, following an auto accident, can be painfully affected by nearly every movement you make. Nonetheless, whether you are a professional athlete or a senior wishing to live on your own, you will need your hip joints working as effectively as possible. Depending upon the type of hip injury that you suffered in a car crash, you may experience pain in your thighs, groin, buttocks or somewhere in the hip joint where you can’t seem to touch. In order for you to live pain free, it is crucial to seek chiropractic care as soon after your accident as possible. Our patient centered approach to providing individualized care needs to begin immediately before stiffness further reduces your mobility.

Accident Related Hip Pain

Due to the excessive wear and tear of cartilage in the hip joint over time, the excruciating pain you may be feeling following a collision was likely caused by bone rubbing against bone and can be healed without hip replacement surgery or an extended recovery time. But, the trauma caused by bone-on-bone contact will need medical attention to rule out a fracture to the hip socket. Moreover, our chiropractor will use a hands-on diagnostic procedure to check for strains or tears to the hip ligaments, muscles and tendons. A CT Scan and/or digital X-ray will be prescribed to provide our specialist with a realistic view of hip injury via multiple cross-sectional images. It is always our goal to figure out the root cause of pain rather than simply give you medications to mask what it causing it.


Quality Care for Hip Pain Relief

There is no reason to delay getting the care you need to fully recover from your auto accident related hip injury. If you do, it could quickly turn into stiff, painful mess that doesn’t allow for any movement in the joint. Moreover, many hip fractures from impact trauma can be treated successfully using non-operative methods. In addition to our offering a wide variety of quality care options for noninvasive procedures that can provide the hip pain relief you seek, we also try to keep open appointment times for same day scheduling at either P.R.I.M.E. Health Center. To find out what your body is telling you following an auto accident, call 636-735-3577 for a Same Day Appointment.