Neck Pain Therapy Florissant MO

Most unexpected neck pain improves gradually with home treatment using rest, heat and ice. However, if pain spreads down your arms or stiffness worsens, you problem maybe more than soft tissue injury to neck muscles and ligaments. Tingling, numbness and radiating neck pain can be a sign of nerve damage, scar tissue, arthritis or spinal injuries to your cervical joints or discs. In most cases, patients with acute neck pain respond quickly to neck pain therapy and can avoid recurrence after treatments are completed. With chronic neck pain, sometimes the cause is harder to determine, so you may need to undergo additional imaging studies. Nonetheless, with proper neck pain therapy, surgery is rarely needed.


Healing Strategies for Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain can have a broad range of causes, as your neck not only supports the weight of your head all day, it is one of the body’s most flexible joints. Even minor injuries like muscle strains and degenerative wear-n-tear on cervical joints can require comprehensive neck pain chiropractic services to restore range of motion and flexibility. Herniated discs, bone spurs, arthritis or meningitis can cause pain in the root nerves that branch out from the spinal cord. Nonetheless, neck pain therapy at P.R.I.M.E. Health Centers is always individualized to your needs. Our chiropractic care using spinal decompression, chiropractor and physical therapy can help you avoid invasive spinal surgery. To find out what your body is telling you, call 636-735-3577 for a Same Day Appointment.