Therapeutic Rehabilitation Chesterfield Missouri 

At P.R.I.M.E. Health Centers, our experienced team works closely with you to restore good muscle strength while obtaining optimal joint motion. In fact, we are committed to providing personalized therapeutic rehabilitation treatment plans with hands-on care. Moreover, we encourage your input for goal setting and attainment. Utilizing the latest technologies, modalities and functional activities, our team will speed you along your road to recovery after you’ve suffered an injury or undergone a debilitating surgery. We understand that each patient who visits our health centers is unique. That's why we start by assessing your ability to perform basic day-to-day tasks. You will start slow and build stamina through postural education, aerobic conditioning, cardiovascular therapy, resistance activities, and sports or job-specific training.


P.R.I.M.E. Health Therapeutic Treatment Plans

Through a variety of treatment modalities, our doctors and therapists help patients manage acute and chronic pain conditions. Our goal is for you to get better, and to make that happen, we have to help you set attainable therapeutic goals that support functional outcomes, such as:

  • Promote a faster and more optimal repair of your body
  • Empower you to be more involved in your health care
  • Manage a broad range of pain-related conditions
  • Get you back doing the things you choose to do
  • Provide needed skills therapy for independent living
  • Create a personalized environment for your recovery

We believe that you should be able to participate in all of the enjoyable activities of life. Let our team of pain relief experts customize your therapeutic rehabilitation treatment plan based on your own unique lifestyle, occupation and personal goals, which helps promote life-changing results.

Evidence Based Physical Approaches for Managing Pain

Physiotherapy is a significant component for pain management of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions designed to strengthen and improve your range of motion. Simply stated, physiotherapy is a collection of treatment methods that focus on the latest evidence-based and physical approaches to help patients reduce pain while restoring health and wellness. In addition to adjusting the alignment of your spine, our therapeutic rehabilitation and active motion therapy programs combine the best daily exercises for maintenance of cardiovascular fitness with more personal needs, such as a medically supervised weight loss plan. Physiotherapy relies on combining the leading-edge technologies with active patient participation to resolve pain issues through complementary non-narcotic alternatives. To learn more about what your body is telling you, call 636-735-3577 for a Same Day Appointment.